The monument of the Roman-German Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa who drowned while he was trying to cross the Göksu River with his army on his way to Palestine, were erected in a more glorious way and landscaped with the initiative of Ambassador of the German Embassy in Ankara, Dr. Pascal Hector and former Honorary Consul of Adana in Germany and President of the Mediterranean Turkish-German Businessmen's Association, Teyfik Kısacık, The retired Consul Kısacık, who made the monument, said that they are happy to have Fredrich Barbarossa's monument and landscaping around the monument which is very important for faith tourism.

Ambassador of the German Embassy in Ankara, Dr. Pascal Hector, who had visited the old monument before,  his wife Annette, his children Coustanhn, Leo, Deniehet, his mother Annemarie will be very happy when they see the new monument. Kısacık also said that Barbarossa, who made an agreement with Kılıç Arslan II. for a free passage in peace, drowned in the Göksu River on his way to Palestine during the Crusade.

Kısacık also added that, Barbarossa, within the scope of the agreement with a total of 3 thousand armored 15 thousand soldiers, on May 11, 1189 left the country and said that “10 June 1190 arrived in Silifke and trying to cross the Göksu River, drowned at the age of 67 due to the weight of the armor.  It was very important for our city to make such a monument in terms of faith tourism and we did it at the end of the studies we do,"

Kısacik also said that “when German citizen comes to Silifke district they always visit Barbarossa monument and also there is a centuris old friendship between Turkey and Germany.

This friendship will last forever with this monument. It is also very important not to damage the new monument to maintain this friendship. Because the existing monument in the past has always been damaged. In order for our friendship to survive in the future, everyone should protect the new monument. ”